Success Stories

PICARD successfully deliver a 4-metre rail to Belgium in a matter of hours

You know how it is - sometimes there is simply no time to spare for hassle, complications or unreliable service, even if it seems at first like the problem has no straightforward solution.

PICARD account manager Songul Tanriverdi was recently faced with such a case: "We received an urgent request from a trading partner in Belgium. He needed a four-metre-long rail - and he needed it that afternoon."

One thing that makes such unusual requests easier to handle is our in-house linear technology centre. It is equipped with two fully automatic cutting machines, manned by qualified personnel. Additionally, we stock linear rails and shafts from six different manufacturers with matching carriages. This enables us to act quickly, efficiently and (when necessary!) spontaneously. Songul set all the necessary processes in motion: "In the centre, my colleagues separated the rails to precise fit and packed them securely for transport. We work as a team, so it is advantageous that our office and the warehouse are just 500 metres away from each other," she explains. "We are in direct contact and know each other well, despite PICARD having around 250 employees. In cases like this, it's team spirit and collaboration that is key to our success."

The rail was sent by our same-day courier service as opposed to the usual shipping service providers, but that wasn't straightforward with a package four metres in length. Our courier thankfully found a solution and the same morning the rail was loaded and on its way to Belgium. By 4pm, the customer had already received their order, could assemble it and start operation once again.