Tous pour un, un pour tous – An interview with account managers Mathilde Cartolaro and Isabelle Daveluy

Mathilde and Isabelle are account managers at PICARD and are responsible for our French clients. Today we chatted with them about how they work, how their roles at PICARD have developed and why they enjoy their jobs.

When did you both start at PICARD and how have your roles changed since then?

Isabelle: I have been working at PICARD since 1998. At that time, PICARD was just beginning to explore the French market. Together with a colleague, I built our customer base in France from scratch. I have been with many of our clients since the beginning of their relationship with PICARD, in some cases almost 25 years.

Mathilde: I started at PICARD in 2011, so this year is my 10th anniversary. I began as a sales assistant, too. Over the years, I have taken on more and more responsibility and am now looking after over 300 of our customers.

What are your day-to-day tasks within sales?

Mathilde: Our daily tasks are quite different from what you might imagine when you think about "sales" or "distribution". I always think of the classic telemarketer who tries to talk you into buying a product over the phone. Our main tasks, however, are customer support and advice. That includes of course giving technical advice about roller bearings and linear technology. In recent years we have also been supporting our customers more and more in the digitalisation of their business processes. It is important to us that we respond to every customer’s needs individually, and tailor our services in order to offer real added value. We can only do this because we know our clients very well. Additionally, we also inform our customers about new products, send out offers and acquire new clients, too. But it is much more important to us to build sustainable, long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust.

Isabelle: It is incredibly important, especially for the French market, to maintain this personal relationship and regular communication with our clients. Before the Corona pandemic, we used to go on business trips through France twice a year and meet our customers in person. Now we have, like so many, replaced these meetings with video conferences, but it's just not the same.

What do you like most about your work?

Mathilde: The teamwork. Team France work very closely together. Although we each have our own clients, we can always represent each other without any problems. We work in slightly staggered shifts and always divide them fairly. We are never left alone, even when we are faced with a challenge. With Isabelle, I always have a partner who supports me in word and deed. I also enjoy working with other departments here too. We always meet as equals and there is always someone within the company who is happy to help with any questions.

Isabelle: Yes, I agree with that. But working with our customers is just as interesting. Our roles vary day-to-day and never get boring, simply because the partnerships with our customers, and also the PICARD offerings, are constantly evolving. We are always faced with new challenges and are constantly learning - through colleagues, but also through our customers.


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