We provide you with unrestricted and trusted access to premium brands. We ship exclusively to the specialised trade worldwide from Bochum, Germany – and have been doing so for 100 years.

By partnering with PICARD, you benefit from

  • Direct access to over 50,000 different items from all the premium brands
  • Same-day shipping of bearings and linear rails for orders placed by 7 pm (CET)
  • Flexible, customised logistics solutions, including courier and express shipping, dropshipping, customs clearance, and much more
  • Customised digital solutions designed to develop your online business and optimise your ordering processes  


Our promise of quality

Reliably monitored quality

From the selection of our suppliers to double-checking outgoing consignments, we devote an exceptional amount of time and care to quality assurance.  We supply you exclusively with premium quality products that conform to trademark law. With ProScan, a system we developed to process 2D codes, we cross-check all incoming goods via a live interface with the authentication databases of World Bearing Association (WBA) manufacturers.

Our quality management goes beyond incoming and outgoing goods. Even when it comes to our logistics services and customer service, only the best will do.

Corporate history


Foundation of today's Friedrich PICARD GmbH & Co. KG


Re-launch following total destruction of site on 4 November 1944. Automotive components and tools added to product range.


Move into new premises in the centre of Bochum and start of successful partnership with STEYR Wälzlager GesmbH, Austria.


Target group shifts from mining industry customers to those in mechanical engineering and the steel industry.


Establishment of sales offices in Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg and Dusseldorf successfully completed.


Move to the newly built and larger company headquarters located directly on the A40 motorway in Bochum.


Relocation of operations to Witten, Germany. Operational capacities triple.


Repositions to become a multi-brand dealer of premium brands.


Opens the first PICARD Onlineshop exclusively for the specialised trade.


Storage capacity expanded by more than 50% through a warehouse extension.


Company returns to Bochum, where it was founded. Capacities in all operational areas are doubled.


Joins the E/D/E (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH – Germany’s purchasing office for domestic iron traders) as a supplier of bearings.


Company premises are enlarged and storage capacities quadrupled. Beginning of partnership with NORDWEST Handel AG as a supplier of bearings and linear motion technology.

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